Dana Corporation Expands Its Trailer Suspension and Axle Offerings to Meet Growing Customer Requirements

Nov 29, 2004

Toledo, Ohio -- Nov 29, 2004 -- Dana Corporation (NYSE: DCN) has expanded its trailer suspension and axle offerings to meet the growing demands of its original-equipment customers and fleet users.  The company recently launched the Spicer® SmartRide™family of suspension modules and systems to provide greater performance, fuel economy, durability, and value.

The SmartRide family includes a new lightweight slider suspension for linehaul applications and new slider and fixed suspensions for severe-service fleets.  SmartRide suspension assemblies are also available with advanced features, such as an upgraded tire-inflation system, the Spicer TMS™ tire maintenance system.

“The trailer suspension market represents a great opportunity to further leverage our expertise and core products,” said Dana Chairman and CEO Michael J. Burns.  “Demand from customers has been strong, and the new SmartRide suspensions are aimed squarely at meeting their evolving needs and sustaining our momentum in the market.”

Nick Cole, president of Dana’s Heavy Vehicle Systems and Technologies Group, added, “The new SmartRide offering provides our trailer suspension customers with advanced, robust solutions designed and engineering to their exact needs, regardless of whether their vehicles are running on paved interstates or unpaved logging and mining roads.  Not only has Dana developed these new products, but we’ve also invested in the manufacturing equipment and processes behind them – and formed an exciting new partnership with Bendix Commercial Vehicle, another proven supplier in the commercial vehicle market.”

Using Dana’s proprietary Robin Hood™ shape optimization software, which was recently named a finalist for the 2005 Automotive News PACE Award, the company’s engineers reduced the weight of the RS40 slider suspension by 60 pounds while at the same time improving the product’s strength, bending stiffness, and axle deflection, which in turn should reduce tire wear and improve fuel economy.

For truck fleets in logging, bulk hauling, mining, and dump operations, two new SmartRide modules – the RS50 slider suspension and RF30 fixed suspension – will help fleet owners operating in Mexico meet new requirements there.  The Spicer SmartRide family integrates these redesigned and altogether new suspensions with a wide range of new and advanced options.  Among them is the upgraded Spicer TMS tire maintenance system.  This system automatically measures and maintains proper pressure, which in turn extends tire life and improves safety and fuel economy.

Also new to Dana’s product line is the Spicer®D22SS self-steering trailer axle, which answers a new regulation going into effect in Canada that mandates the use of self-steering axles on trailers.  This new axle will also improve vehicle maneuverability, reduce tire and highway wear, and increase payload capacity.

Dana’s trailer suspensions are also now available with a wide range of advanced braking systems and trailer stability products from Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC.

Dana Corporation is a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of value-added products and systems for automotive, commercial, and off-highway vehicles.  Delivering on a century of innovation, the company’s continuing operations employ approximately 45,000 people worldwide dedicated to advancing the science of mobility.  Founded in 1904 and based in Toledo, Ohio, Dana operates technology, manufacturing, and customer-service facilities in 30 countries.  Sales from continuing operations totaled $7.9 billion in 2003.  Dana’s Internet address is www.dana.com.