Dana Off-Highway Systems Unveiled New Products, Exhibited Range of Capabilities at Bauma China 2004

Nov 23, 2004

SHANGHAI, China -- Nov 23, 2004 -- Dana Corporation (NYSE:DCN) Off-Highway Systems exhibited Spicer® drivetrain components for the construction industry at Bauma China, Nov. 16-19 in Shanghai, China.  In addition to a variety of Spicer® axles, transmissions, brakes, electronic controls, driveshafts and related components, Dana also unveiled the new Spicer® Hercules™ axle series and transmission controls.

Featured Spicer® Systems

27-Ton Front-End Loader System

Engineered for front-end loaders and other heavy-duty off-road applications, the Spicer® Hercules™ 37R and 43R axles feature a rigid three-piece load supporting design with differential carrier, housing arm, and planetary wheel-end.  Extra-high capacity wheel end bearings and heavy section modular structural components allow for a wider range of vehicle weights, tracks, tires, and chain combinations. 

Hercules™ axle Models 37R116 and 43R175 were designed especially for front-end loaders, with large capacity spindle and bearings that accommodate wider tracks and tire ranges. An integrated pin planetary carrier design eliminates seals and possible oil leak paths. 


Designed to pair with a range of models, Hercules™ 37R and 43R axles are ideal partners to Dana’s Spicer® HSE 2+3 hydrostatic/electronic transmission, which provides an extended speed range and transparent gear transitions. 


The Spicer® GWB™ 2035 driveshaft provides high resistance to dynamic load variations, with large angle capability, uniform load distribution, reduced swing diameter, and multiple flange connectivity.  Together, these features provide an ideal base for both standardized drivetrain and new power transmission concepts.

These products are incorporated in a complete front-end loader system with a 27-ton lift capacity, and provide a representation of Dana Off-Highway Systems’ total system solutions capabilities.

Wheeled Excavator Drivetrain System

Designed for wheeled excavators with 13- to 19.5-ton operating weights, the drivetrain system is comprised of a Spicer® HSE07 hydrostatic transmission, Spicer® Model 162HD and 262HD axles, and Spicer Life Series® SPL 55 driveshaft.   

The two-speed Spicer® HSE07 hydrostatic transmission is specifically tailored for the wheeled excavator market to provide smooth shift characteristics, driver comfort, and enhanced vehicle performance.  The HSE07 transmission is paired with Spicer® Model 162HD rigid- and 262HD steering- planetary drive axles, which include wheel-hub brakes to minimize jerking and digging. 

The Spicer® wheeled excavator drivetrain system is completed with a service-free SPL 55 driveshaft, engineered to accommodate the higher loads and challenging conditions of construction applications.  It is available with a full range of end fittings, including Spicer Life Series® Quick Disconnect™ end yokes that reduce driveshaft installation and removal times while minimizing field service requirements.

Dana’s Spicer® wheeled excavator drivetrain system is also available with Model 163 and 263 axles (to provide greater 30,000 daN static and 15,000 daN dynamic load capacities), and with an HSE09 transmission (to accommodate up to 24-ton vehicle weights).

New Spicer Transmission Controls

Dana also exhibited a new generation of Spicer® transmission controls that provide compatibility with Can 2.b communication protocol.  The new series of transmission controls includes the ECon™ essential controller and PCon™ powertrain controller (compatible with all Dana transmission designs), as well as the TCon™ transmission controller, ICon™ intelligent controller, and ACon™ advanced controller (compatible with Dana’s TE transmissions series).

Additional Products on Display

In addition to its new products, Dana displayed exemplars of its complete systems capabilities (including axles, driveshafts, transmissions, and electronic controls) for off-highway vehicles such as teleboom handlers, wheeled excavators, front-end loaders, compact wheel loaders, haulers, pavers and backhoe loaders. Dana also exhibited the Spicer® 193 axle, and a comprehensive line of driveshafts and end-fittings.

The Spicer® 193 axle features a rigid mounting-on-axle housing with pads, and a hypoid spiral bevel gear.  The input flange facilitates a direct connection for hydraulic motors, with alternate models and splines available.  Differential lock options include both NO-SPIN and limited (45 percent) spin.

The 193 axle is engineered for compactors with up to a 20-ton capacity. Available in two models, the 193LD offers a track width of 1,660 mm, with a planetary hub length of 107,7 mm, a 280 mm wheel pilot, and 335 mm bolt circle diameter. The 193HD axle offers a 1740 mm track width, 94 mm planetary hub length, 370 mm wheel pilot, and 425 mm bolt circle diameter.

Dana additionally displayed driveshafts and end-fittings at Bauma China, exemplifying its ability to deliver the world’s most complete line of driveshafts featuring wing, round, and flange designs. 

Off-Highway Systems Overview

Off-Highway Systems is part of Dana Corporation’s Heavy Vehicle Technologies and Systems Group. Off-Highway Systems is composed of division facilities and research and development

operations in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The group designs, manufactures, assembles, and markets axles and transaxles; driveshafts

and end-fittings; transmissions; torque converters; electronic controls; and brakes. Off-Highway Systems also provides replacement parts and service.

Off-Highway Systems serves 30 countries and more than 1,000 vehicle assembly and manufacturing facilities. In addition, through Off-Highway Systems Service, it has two global distribution centers and more than 50 authorized service center locations serving more than 100 countries. Construction, agriculture, specialty chassis, forestry, underground mining, material handling, outdoor power, leisure/utility vehicles, and industrial equipment are just some of the markets that demand the quality found in Spicer’s off-highway systems, products and genuine service parts.

Dana Corporation is a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of value-added products and systems for automotive, commercial, and off-highway vehicle manufacturers and their related aftermarkets.  The company’s continuing operations employ approximately 45,000 people worldwide and reported sales of $7.9 billion in 2003.  Founded in 1904 and based in Toledo, Ohio, Dana operates hundreds of technology, manufacturing, and customer service facilities in 30 countries.

  For more information, please visit www.dana.com/offhighway.  



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