Dana Off-Highway Systems Exhibited Products Engineered For the Agricultural and Outdoor Power Equipment Industries at EIMA 2004

Dec 3, 2004

Bologna, Italy -- Dec 03, 2004 -- Dana Corporation (NYSE: DCN) Off-Highway Systems exhibited a comprehensive line of products for agricultural machinery and outdoor power equipment at EIMA, Nov. 10 to 14 in Bologna, Italy.

Dana’s Spicer® products are incorporated into the design of a variety of outdoor power equipment and agricultural machines, from front-engine lawn tractors to four-wheel drive tractors. 

The following Spicer® products were on display at Dana Off-Highway Systems’ EIMA booth:  

Agricultural Machinery

Spicer® Model 750 Drive Steering Axle

Designed for four-wheel drive standard 154 kW (210 HP) tractors, the Spicer® Model 750 steering axle provides a maximum input speed of 3,200 RPM and maximum output torque of 45,000 Nm.  The Model 750 axle offers a 13,000 daN (static) and 6,500 daN (dynamic) load capacity, with a 14-to-one to 19-to-one overall ratio range.  It additionally features an integrated steering sensor and optional wheel-hub brakes. 

Outdoor Power Equipment

Spicer®  Model 4360 Compact Transaxle

Designed for front-engine lawn tractors, this compact transaxle provides up to six speeds forward and one in reverse.  An optional disc brake can also be used as a park brake.  The Model 4360 transaxle is also lubed for life to reduce maintenance requirements.

Spicer®  Model 6500 Hydrostatic Transaxle

Designed for front engine lawn tractors, this transaxle offers an input shaft diameter of 17 mm with a larger than normal .75-inch diameter shaft that is additionally supported by ball bearings.  The Model 6500 transaxle’s wide-band neutral and neutral centering control system is ideal for foot-pedal operated hydrostatic lawn tractors, and provides smooth acceleration while working to prevent vehicle creep.  It additionally features an environmentally-protected brake, a push valve, and an integrated sealed reservoir.


Spicer® Model 6600 transaxle

Engineered for walk-behind mowers, this transaxle features a three- to five-speed transmission, with an 1,800 RPM input speed.  Its housing is constructed of durable, impact-resistant DuPont® composite materials.  The Model 6600 transaxle is available with or without an internal dog-type clutch.

Spicer® Model H-12 Axle

This high-efficiency model features a helical-gear design engineered to accept electric motors.  With a nominal load rating of 1,500 pounds, the H-12 is also available with a heavy-duty option.  The H-12 offers ratios from 8.91 to 14.76, with input torque ratings of 12 pounds-per-foot (continuous) and 48 pounds-per-foot (maximum-intermittent).  It is available with 160 mm or seven-inch mechanical- or hydraulically-actuated brakes.  Wheel mounting options include four-on-four-inch B.C. or five-on-4.5-inch B.C.  An optional independent suspension design is also available. 

Other Products

A representative line of Spicer® Italcardano™ wing bearing driveshafts, Spicer® GWB™ round bearing driveshafts, and Spicer® 10 Series half-round bearing endfittings were also on display.

Off-Highway Systems Overview

Off-Highway Systems is part of Dana Corporation’s Heavy Vehicle Technologies and Systems Group. Off-Highway Systems is composed of division facilities and research and development operations in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The group designs, manufactures, assembles, and markets axles and transaxles; driveshafts and end-fittings; transmissions; torque converters; electronic controls; and brakes. Off-Highway Systems also provides replacement parts and service.


Off-Highway Systems serves 30 countries and more than 1,000 vehicle assembly and manufacturing facilities. In addition, through Off-Highway Systems Service, it has two global distribution centers and more than 50 authorized service center locations serving more than 100 countries. Construction, agriculture, specialty chassis, forestry, underground mining, material handling, outdoor power, leisure/utility vehicles, and industrial equipment are just some of the markets that demand the quality found in Spicer’s off-highway systems, products and genuine service parts.

Dana Corporation is a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of value-added products and systems for automotive, commercial, and off-highway vehicle manufacturers and their related aftermarkets.  The company’s continuing operations employ approximately 45,000 people worldwide and reported sales of $7.9 billion in 2003.  Founded in 1904 and based in Toledo, Ohio, Dana operates hundreds of technology, manufacturing, and customer service facilities in 30 countries.

For more information, please visit www.dana.com/offhighway.  

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