Dana E-Steering Technology Brings Fuel Economy Benefits To Existing Vehicle Designs

Oct 21, 2002

    TOLEDO, Ohio, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Convergence 2002, Booth # 520 --
Today at the Convergence 2002 transportation electronics conference in
Detroit, Dana Corporation (NYSE: DCN) introduced its Electric-Hydrostatic
Steering Assist Module (EHSAM), which offers the unique dual benefit of
significant fuel economy savings and adaptability to existing vehicle design.
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    EHSAM technology, along with the company's Electric Hydraulic Power
Steering (EHPS) and Electric Power Steering (EPS) technologies, support e-
steering applications and offer greater fuel savings, noise reduction and
smaller packaging with less weight.

    EHSAM: Fuel Economy Benefits Right Now
    EHSAM combines on-demand electrically powered steering with hydraulic
steering gears.  The result is better fuel economy than a traditional
hydraulic system, since the hydraulic steering pump and its associated
parasitic losses are eliminated.  On a passenger car, this technology creates
a fuel economy improvement of up to 2 percent or more.  EHSAM can be remotely
mounted, utilizing the existing rack, steering, and suspension geometry,
making it ideal for existing vehicle platforms.
    "EHSAM technology brings fuel economy benefits that our customers can use
right now," said Mike Laisure, president of Dana's Engine and Fluid Management
Group.  "Traditional hydraulic steering features a pump that is always
operating, constantly eating up about five horsepower.  Other versions of
electric power steering also provide on-demand power assist and fuel
efficiency, but they require significant changes in the configuration of the
steering, suspension or instrument panel geometries, so are better suited to
vehicles that are designed for around this technology from the beginning.
ESHAM technology, by contrast, can easily be applied to an existing platform
design, so more fuel efficiency can be gained on existing vehicles."
    EHSAM technology provides many of the same benefits as EPS.  An EHSAM
system includes a steering column torque sensor which measures the amount of
force applied to the steering wheel.  That information is combined with
vehicle speed data to calculate the amount of pressure needed to assist the
driver in turning.  Information also is shared with other vehicle systems,
such as those that control suspension, stability, traction, braking, engine
controls, and adaptive cruise control.  EHSAM can operate with both 12-volt
and 42-volt applications, and is steer-by-wire capable.

    EHPS: Efficiency, Fuel Economy Savings, Less Space
    Another of Dana's current e-steer technologies is Electric Hydraulic Power
Steering (EHPS), which will be produced by the company's newly announced joint
venture with Emerson Electric Co.  EHPS technology offers customers many
advantages over conventional hydraulic power steering systems, including
improved fuel savings and greater efficiency.  Its highly integrated package
takes up less space, and reduces weight and cost.  The EHPS package has been
selected by a major OEM for a future light truck model.
    The EHPS system consists of a hydraulic pump driven by a high-performance
brushless DC electric motor, controlled by an integrated electronic control
unit.  The pump is driven at low speed when minimal steering assistance is
required, significantly reducing parasitic energy loss.  The electronic
control software improves handling and steering characteristics based on a
mapping of the optimum degree of assist, enhancing the driveability of the
vehicle.  EHPS technology can be designed for either 12-volt or 42-volt
applications, and, like the EHSAM systems, can be remotely mounted, making it
ideal for existing vehicle designs.

    EPS Motor: Driving EPS Systems
    Dana's other electric steering development is an Electric Power Steering
(EPS) motor, also to be produced by Dana's joint venture with Emerson.  Dana's
version of EPS uses a permanent magnet brushless DC motor, which allows the
smallest package size, the least weight, and the lowest rotor inertia for more
responsiveness.  The motor is quieter, more reliable and more powerful than
other electric motors.
    With EPS, the hydraulic pump, along with the hoses and hydraulic fluid,
are entirely eliminated.  Dana's EPS motor is the key component in EPS
steering systems that eliminate continuous parasitic losses, reduce emissions
and increase fuel economy savings by up to five percent.
    Dana's range of e-steering technologies means that the customer will be
able to choose the best solution for each application.
    Founded in 1904, Dana Corporation is a global leader in the design,
engineering, and manufacture of value-added products and systems for
automotive, commercial, and off-highway vehicle manufacturers and their
related aftermarkets.  The company employs approximately 70,000 people
worldwide, all dedicated to achieving innovation through close collaboration
with customers.  Based in Toledo, Ohio, Dana operates hundreds of technology,
manufacturing, and customer service facilities in 34 countries. The company
reported sales of $10.3 billion in 2001.

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