Dana Corporation Leasing Operation Receives 1996 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Oct 16, 1996

    TOLEDO, Ohio, Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- President Clinton, through the
Department of Commerce, today awarded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality
Award to Dana Corporation's (NYSE: DCN) leasing operation, Dana Commercial
Credit Corporation.
    Based in Toledo, Ohio, Dana Commercial Credit Corporation is a diversified
leasing company with offices throughout the United States, Canada, the United
Kingdom, and continental Europe.  Dana Commercial Credit serves a wide range
of industries and markets, providing specialized leasing products to meet the
individual needs of customers.  As of December 31, 1995, they had
approximately $1.4 billion in assets and had accumulated a lease portfolio
equating to $3.7 billion of original equipment costs.
    "We are delighted to be honored with this award which recognizes Dana
Commercial Credit's commitment to quality products and services," said
Ed  Shultz, chairman and CEO of Dana Commercial Credit.  "The people of Dana
Commercial Credit are the real winners of this award.  They have worked
incredibly hard to build a service culture squarely aimed at satisfying
    Since 1992, Dana has used its own Quality Leadership Awards, based on the
Baldrige criteria to evaluate and improve the performance of Dana divisions in
key quality categories.
    "We're teaching people throughout Dana to use the Baldrige standards to
measure and improve products and services," said Dana Chairman and CEO
Southwood J. Morcott.  "This award shows us the process is working."
    Dana Commercial Credit's Dealer Products Group was the sole recipient of
the 1995 Michigan Quality Leadership Award, a state-level award, based on the
Baldrige criteria.  To date, 12 Dana Corporation sites have received
state-level quality awards.
    To win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Dana Commercial Credit
underwent a rigorous, three-step evaluation:  an independent review of
Dana Commercial Credit's written application by 10 to 12 examiners from public
and private sectors, a consensus meeting among seven Baldrige examiners and a
site visit by the examiners.  Seven criteria were measured:  leadership,
information and analysis, strategic planning, human resource development and
management, process management, business results, and customer focus and
    The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, often described as "the
standard of business excellence" was established by Congress in 1987 to
promote quality awareness, recognize the quality achievements of companies and
publicize successful quality strategies.   In conjunction with private
industry, the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and
Technology manages the award program that was named in honor of the late
Secretary of Commerce.
    Since 1987, 28 companies have won the Baldrige Award to date.  Two awards
may be given in each of three categories:  manufacturing, service and small
business.  Dana Commercial Credit has won the award in the service category.
Three other awards were given to companies in the manufacturing and small
business categories in 1996.  Since its inception, only six companies have won
in the service category.  The last service award was issued in 1994.
    Dana Corporation is a global leader in the engineering, manufacturing and
distribution of products and systems for the vehicular, industrial and mobile
off-highway markets.  Founded in 1904 and based in Toledo, Ohio, Dana operates
facilities in 29 countries with 45,000 people.  Its 1995 sales were
$7.6 billion.
    Named in 1995 by Financial World magazine as one of the "Best 100 Growth
Companies," Dana is noted for its style of management and its commitment to
innovation.  It has 38 product research and development centers worldwide.

SOURCE  Dana Corporation

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