Dana Corporation's Spicer Axle Division to Produce Axles for Japan-Built Isuzu Sport Utility Vehicle

Jul 24, 1997

    FORT WAYNE, Ind., July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Dana Corporation's (NYSE: DCN)
Spicer Axle Division continues its global growth as the newly selected
supplier of rear axles for the 1998 Isuzu Trooper/Big Horn and Acura SLX which
will be built in Japan.  This is the first time the division will be
manufacturing axles for export to Japan.
    The axles are being assembled at Spicer Axle's Columbia, Missouri,
regional assembly facility.  Once they arrive in Japan, Dana's Japanese
affiliate, Najico Spicer Company, Ltd., inspects the axles which are then
delivered to Isuzu on a just-in-time basis.  Production began last month with
annual volumes forecasted to be 65,000 units.
    The selection of Spicer Axle as the rear axle supplier for the Isuzu
Trooper strengthens the global relationship between Dana and Isuzu.  Spicer
Axle supplies 100 percent of the front and rear axles for the U.S.-built Isuzu
Rodeo and Honda Passport.
    Mr. Toru Kajiyama, Isuzu's managing director of purchasing in Japan,
welcomes this new Dana/Isuzu partnership.  "This is an example of how a U.S.
supplier can provide just-in-time delivery and service as well as the other
domestic Japanese suppliers."
    "This new business on the 1998 Trooper demonstrates that Isuzu has the
confidence in our product to use it in vehicles built and sold in other parts
of the world," said Bill Hoffman, vice president and general manager of the
Spicer Axle Division.  "It also helps Dana in achieving its corporate
objective of 50 percent of sales from outside the United States."
    The Spicer Axle Division is the largest division of Dana Corporation, a
global leader in the engineering, manufacture and distribution of products and
systems for the vehicular, industrial and off-highway markets.  Founded in
1904 and based in Toledo, Ohio, Dana operates facilities in 30 countries with
48,000 people.  The Company reported 1996 sales of $7.7 billion.  Dana has
more than 40 product research and development centers worldwide.  The
Spicer Axle Division manufactures axles and axle components, including front-
and rear-driving and non-driving axles, transfer cases and wheelends.  It is
headquartered in Fort Wayne, along with Dana's World Center of Axle
Technology.  For product information, call 219-481-3209.  The Internet address
for Dana's home page on the World Wide Web is http://www.dana.com .

SOURCE  Spicer Axle Division, Dana Corporation

CONTACT: Dave Major, General Sales Manager of Spicer Axle Division, Dana
Corporation, 248-433-4711