All Five Dana Spicer Heavy Axle and Brake Facilities Receive QS 9000 Certification

Aug 5, 1997

    FORT WAYNE, Ind., Aug. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- All five facilities of Dana
Corporation's (NYSE: DCN) Spicer Heavy Axle & Brake Division were QS 9000
certified in July 1997.  In addition to division headquarters in Fort Wayne,
Indiana, Spicer Heavy Axle and Brake has machining operations in Barrie,
Ontario, Canada, and Morganton, North Carolina, as well as assembly plants in
Chatham, Ontario, Canada, and Hilliard, Ohio.
    QS 9000 certification is based on ISO-9001, with section-specific
requirements added to address the needs of truck makers.  ISO certification is
a key differentiating factor for certifying the adequacy and effectiveness of
quality systems, which leads to improved product quality and operational
efficiencies by ensuring consistent procedures and training.
    Almost every major automobile and many truck manufacturers in the United
States will soon require the QS 9000 standard.  It has already been augmented
and adopted by Chrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company and General Motors,
and incorporates elements of these manufacturers' internally developed quality
    The quality system assessment of Spicer Heavy Axle and Brake Division was
conducted by Underwriter Laboratories, and covered customer and industry
specific quality requirements in continuous improvement, customer
satisfaction, quality planning, communications and other criteria found in
ISO-9001: 1994 Section 4.
    "Obtaining QS 9000 certification reinforces Spicer Heavy Axle and Brake
Division's position as a leading force in quality-driven engineering and
manufacturing," says Alan Spisak, the division's quality assurance manager.
"Maintaining and improving on the quality system throughout the organization
translates into exceptional product and service quality for Spicer's
    Spicer Heavy Axle and Brake Division has participated in Dana
Corporation's own internal quality program, the Dana Quality Leadership Award,
since its inception six years ago.  The Dana program is based on the same
criteria as the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.
    Spisak says, "Our focus has always been on total quality -- which we
define as complete customer satisfaction -- and accelerated, continuous
improvement.  We are honored to receive QS 9000 certification because it
recognizes and acknowledges our division's intense dedication and commitment
to quality."

SOURCE Dana Corporation