Dana Corporation's Spicer Life Series(R) Driveshafts Have Broad-Based Appeal

Sep 1, 1998

    HANNOVER, Germany, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Since its introduction in 1996
at the International Truck Show (ITS) in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Spicer Life
Series(R) driveshaft assemblies from Spicer Driveshaft Division of Dana
Corporation (NYSE: DCN) have been targeted for global customer applications
and needs.  At that time, globally integrated engineering standards were
incorporated into the product to ensure that the driveshaft assemblies would
be a quality driveshaft option, applicable around the world.
    Available for heavy-duty applications, Spicer Life Series driveshaft
assemblies were designed to be compatible with the world trucking industry's
trend toward vehicles with higher-horsepower, higher-torque engines and lower
axle ratios.  In doing so, the Spicer Life(R) features an excellent weight-to-
length ratio, and superior balance and stiffness to lessen drivetrain
vibration and component wear.  These features also have proven to be effective
in improving operator comfort.  Spicer Life XL(TM) universal joints (see
related news release) were announced at the IAA Show in Hannover, Germany and
are the latest enhancement and customer-driven option to the heavy-duty
segment of the series.

    A Global Design for Global Customers
    Spicer Life heavy-duty driveshafts have metric dimensions and
specifications and are used for assemblies in Europe, North and South America.
Torque ratings are in Newton-meters and are designated in the Spicer Life
name.  For example, the Spicer Life 250 Series has a torque rating of 25,000
    Spicer Life driveshaft component options are available to meet the
requirements of worldwide truck customers.  End fittings are available in easy
to service Quick Disconnect end yokes, S.A.E. and cross-serrated T-type flange
yokes to accommodate varying customer preferences.
    Spicer Driveshaft has manufacturing and assembly facilities located in 18
countries and five continents, helping to ensure global coordination,
production and manufacturing efficiencies.
    "We put the necessary time and resources into making certain that Spicer
Life was, indeed, a world class product," said Dorian Sheail, group sales and
marketing manager for the Spicer Driveshaft Europe.  "That same preparation
and attention to detail went into the development of the new Spicer Life XL
universal joints."

    Spicer Driveshaft Overview
    Spicer has been producing driveshafts and related components since 1904,
when the division's namesake, Clarence Spicer, invented the world's first
practical application of a universal joint for the chain-driven vehicles of
his day.  Today, driveshafts are a core product for Dana Corporation.
    Spicer Driveshaft Division of Dana Corporation is the world's leading
independent manufacturer and marketer of complete driveline systems for light,
medium and heavy-duty vehicles.  Division headquarters and World Center of
Engineering and Technology are located near Toledo, Ohio.
    One of the world's largest independent suppliers to vehicular, off-highway
and industrial manufacturers and their related aftermarkets, Dana produces
components used on more than 95 percent of the world's 650 million motor
vehicles.  Founded in 1904 and based in Toledo, Ohio, the company operates
facilities in 33 countries and employs more than 79,000 people.  The company
had pro forma sales of $11.9 billion in 1997.  Dana Corporation's world wide
web address is: http://www.dana.com.

SOURCE Dana Corporation

Web Site: http://www.dana.com