Dana’s Off-Highway Systems Group Offers an Expanded Line of Suspended Axles for the Agricultural Industry

Nov 10, 2005

HANOVER, Germany, November 6, 2005 – To address the agricultural industry’s demand for increased vehicle productivity and speed while simultaneously delivering greater operator safety and comfort, Dana’s Off-Highway Systems group provides a full range of Spicer® suspended axles for 80 to 340 Hp tractors.

The complete line includes: the Spicer Model 730-735 family for equipment tractors with an 80 to 140 Hp engine power range; the Spicer Model 740-750 family suitable for 150 to 200 Hp engine vehicles; and the Model 760-770 family, accommodating vehicle engine power of up to 340 Hp. All Spicer suspended axles are fully interchangeable with corresponding high pivot rigid axles.

“These axles provide the benefit of shock absorption via a hydraulic suspension that improves overall handling and increases operator comfort in various load conditions,