Dana Launches iPhone Application for Spicer® Aftermarket Customers

May 16, 2013

MAUMEE, Ohio, May 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dana Holding Corporation (NYSE: DAN) announced today that it has launched its Spicer™ iPhone application, a tool kit that offers three easy-to-use calculators to measure fuel-savings opportunities, driveshaft RPM speeds, and driveline angles.

The Spicer™ free iPhone application was developed to provide aftermarket customers with a fast, convenient way to access interactive calculators that help compute key product data to meet target performance and safety.  Dana created the fuel-savings calculator, complete with a four-step process that offers an imperial and metric option.  The calculator provides customers with data about the cost and fuel savings that can be obtained by using Spicer™ fuel-efficient synthetic gear lubricant.  By entering the number of fleet trucks, average distance driven per year per truck, average fuel cost, and average MPG/KPL, customers can accurately predict fuel costs and fuel savings. 

"Dana is committed to delivering reliable and quality products to our global customers, as well as providing accessible tools – such as these applications – that guide people toward efficient, effective, and safe vehicle operation," said Bill Gryzenia, vice president and general manager for the Dana Aftermarket Group.  "We are continually expanding our digital presence to create a strong network for our aftermarket customers to utilize."

In addition to the fuel-savings calculator, two other calculators – an interactive driveshaft RPM calculator and driveline angle calculator – were built into the app.  The interactive driveshaft RPM calculator aids customers in determining the safe operating speed for their driveshaft.  When building a new driveshaft, or modifying an existing one, understanding the safe operating speed of the driveshaft is critical in order to prevent damage and ensure safety.  The driveline angle calculator aids in determining the correct universal joint operating angle to help eliminate vibrations and secure safety and functionality.  Consumers can determine operating angles for both two-joint and three-joint shafts.

While launching its first iPhone application, Dana also has upgraded its existing Spicer for iPad app by adding the fuel-savings calculator, updating its current calculators, and incorporating additional literature to its digital platform.  Dana is developing and planning to unveil additional innovative applications in the future. 

The Spicer for iPad and Spicer tool kit apps are available from the iTunes App Store and can be downloaded for free by searching "Spicer."  For more information about Spicer parts, visit www.spicerparts.com.

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