Dana Announces Availability of SmartWave® TPMS

May 9, 2007

KALAMAZOO, Mich., May 9, 2007 - Dana Corporation’s Commercial Vehicle Systems group announced today that its SmartWave® TPMS tire pressure monitoring system is now available for retrofit installation on a variety of commercial truck models through original equipment dealerships.

Dana’s SmartWave TPMS is a real-time electronic system that actively and accurately measures the air pressure and temperature for each tire on a vehicle. The system transmits data wirelessly to a receiver mounted on the vehicle, and displays the information in the cab. SmartWave TPMS simplifies and automates the tire maintenance process resulting in an overall reduction of fleet operating costs. Whether it’s alerting the driver to a specific under-inflated tire, or providing the fleet maintenance staff with the capability to quickly and accurately measure tire pressure, SmartWave TPMS is an invaluable tool for fleets. Suitable for all wheel and tire types, SmartWave TPMS can be installed at any point in the vehicle’s life.

SmartWave TPMS is the latest product offering in Dana’s extensive portfolio of tire pressure management solutions and provides a platform for future sensing capabilities that will give fleet managers the ability to receive real-time, off-vehicle information from a host of additional vehicle functions.

“SmartWave TPMS is simple to install and will reduce two top operating expenses for fleets – fuel and tires. Easily accessible tire pressure data will provide fleets the opportunity to maximize both fuel economy and tire life by maintaining proper tire pressure,